Important Things to Consider About Mid Century Design

Midcentury design is still popular today as it was in the past. Its enduring popularity shows that good style never goes out of style. There are many factors that mid century furniture and design is based on. Some of the most important things that have inspired midcentury design include designers, unique materials, gentle organic items, and clear lines. Although there is disagreement regarding when midcentury design started, it is believed that the midcentury design period lasted during the mid 30s to the mid 60s. Even homeowners today cannot seem to get enough of the timeless quality of style offered by midcentury design.

Influences & Background

Starting out in America, midcentury design is actually based on earlier styles like Bauhaus of Germany. After the Second World War, many of the Bauhaus designers and architects migrated to the United States. During this period, there were many technological advances which impacted everyone in the United States and the world. It also resulted in an emerging demand for modern furnishings. Modern homes required new furnishings. Moreover, a wide range of new materials were created due to the technological advances and developments. Thus, new colors, forms, effects, and textures were produced and explored. 

Distinguishing Features

Some of the distinguishing features of the design include cleanliness, minimalism, understated look, and a classic edge. Contrasting materials were used and there is a move towards an exploration of non-traditional materials. Geometric and organic forms inspired the sleek lines and functionality reigned supreme. 

Materials & Colour

Midcentury modern designers were greatly influenced by net materials and methods of construction like plastic. During that period, plastic was not used imitate wooden furniture such as solid timber bed frames and wooden bedside tables but for their own qualities. Traditional materials like wood and non-traditional materials like Lucite, plexiglass, plywood, vinyl, glass, and metal were used. Moreover, a number of colours were used from bold to neutral. 


Several midcentury designers have contributed to the popularity of midcentury design. Their pieces easily transform the way a space looks; especially with the placement of a mid century chair for sale online. Herman Miller is known for his modern furniture in America. He has worked with Charles and Ray Eames and George Nelson to produce some of the most stunning midcentury pieces. Some of the best designers of the midcentury period include Arne Jacobsen, Harry Bertoia, Eero Saarinen, Edward Wormley, Alexander Girard, Jens Risom, Verner Panton, Isamu Noguchi, and Eileen Gray. 

Furnish a Midcentury Modern Styled Space

If you want to create a mid century inspired bedroom or mid century inspired dining room space, you need to keep in mind that there is no compulsion for creating an exact replica of the furnishings and architecture. Although you can do so, it might be best if you tried to mix things up by using midcentury pieces and pairing them with modern items. It will help make your home look classy and yet modern at the same time.  

When you understand the features that are evident in midcentury design, you will be better able to transform your home. Look for iconic pieces from that time and adapt them to your home. Mid century furniture might be a great idea.